Process Optimization

Comprehensive Analytics
and Customized Solutions

Joule can monitor customer operations in order to develop critical metrics and reports, make innovative recommendations and identify costly abnormalities compared to the basis of design. These customized insights and implementations allow operators to improve performance, minimize energy and fuel consumption and maximize $/MMbtu or $/bbl.

Stay Informed. Stay Efficient.

By leveraging advanced automation, strategically specified instrumentation, electrical (I&E) systems and a few additional technology enhancements, our process optimization services help improve facility integration, performance and economics. We can help optimize specific process equipment or an entire facility. So even when operating conditions fall outside the basis of design, our services help customers avoid reduce opex by monitoring and analyzing:

  • Real-time stream composition
  • Control valve positions
  • Upset events, type and frequency
  • Control set points
  • Trend data of process variables and set points
  • Motor run times and loads
  • VDFD speeds (as available)
  • Exchanger pressures and temperature deltas
  • Hot oil systems
  • Turboexpander speeds
  • And more

Continuous Process Improvement

All data is evaluated at Joule’s secured Global Monitoring Center, where a team of process engineers and operators implement real-time operational adjustments and build trend analyses over specified periods of time. This in-depth reporting gives Joule customers:

  • Overviews of normal monthly operation deviation from design basis
  • Flagged abnormal operating set points or variables operating outside design parameters
  • Flagged unexpected results of equipment performance
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) configuration and programming
  • Summaries of potential energy saving opportunities
  • Process set point adjustment recommendations and analyses of estimated results
  • Summaries of monthly data with estimated operational cost savings based on recommendations