Processing Equipment

All Joule equipment is engineered with purpose and designed according to our customers’ unique facility and contractual needs to improve performance and maximize product value.

Strategic from the start

Joule begins by understanding the criteria and goals of each project. We use our experience, ideas and multifaceted expertise to meet our customers’ objectives and improve performance.

Built-in Flexibility

On every project, our engineers design in the ability to adjust operations and performance along with market variability. So, when commodity prices change, you can recalibrate your facility to the market for superior financial results.

Comprehensive solutions

We concept, engineer and design our systems with a holistic mindset that considers each customer's specific situation—from contractual commitments and product specs to long-term facility goals.

Addressing every challenge

Whether a pre-designed solution for quick delivery, or a custom design to ensure maximum operational flexibility, we address every challenge to not only achieve performance commitments, but also find ways to optimize efficiency, generate new revenue streams and make the most of every asset.

The 80/20
Design Philosophy

Based on years of experience, many projects and hundreds of simulations, we have developed on-skid modules for a wide range of design cases that are now 80% pre-designed. The remaining 20% of the design is based on each customer’s economic drivers, including instrumentation, column size and exchanger sizing. Our 80/20 approach means that in many instances, you get the benefit of a custom fit for your facility without the delivery times and costs associated with a total custom build.

Modular Design

We offer modular, skid-mounted equipment that is more practical to deploy in the field. By keeping operators at the center of design thinking and streamlining in-field construction for simplified and accelerated startup.


Our reinforced skid design reduces equipment footprint by allowing you to build up, rather than out—reducing the system's total footprint and supporting piping at the skid edge for easier facility tie-ins.


Our operational experience informs both design and engineering. We believe that providing optimal room on-skid saves valuable time—preventing a number of field challenges and making operations, inspections and maintenance simple to perform.

Natural Gas

Our process equipment is designed and engineered to address specific needs and promote better performance in natural gas operations. We also offer a variety of plant components, auxiliary equipment, control packages, production facilities and natural gas liquid (NGL) pressurized storage tanks.


Our condensate stabilization systems recover more light ends for fuel or sales gas, and create a liquid product that is easy to store. While our modular frac trains maximize product value with on-site Y-Grade processing. Each one of our systems is designed to product or sales component specifications—including stabilized NGLs and natural gasolines.

Natural Gas

Our natural gas treating solutions provide a critical role in the optimization of any downstream processes and unique plant or pipeline. That’s why our solutions—like our amine plants and mol sieve dehydration units—are custom-engineered to ensure an optimized natural gas stream, free of contaminants like carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and other types of acid gas.