Carbon Capture

Joule Processing is a proven partner in helping operators solve complex problems that lie at the crossroads of engineering, economics and compliance. Our skill and experience in hydrocarbon processing and sustainability technology for biofuels positions Joule to help solve for one of the toughest problems of the 21st Century: CO2 emissions.

Custom Capture

Midstream processing. Power gen. Refining. No matter the process, our engineers can create custom technology and equipment that transforms operational carbon from a harmful emission into a sellable byproduct. Integrating with your team, we bring innovative solutions that are as profitable as they are powerful in the fight against global warming. Whether you're looking to retrofit an existing plant or integrate carbon capture technology into a new facility, Joule can work with you to find the most efficient and economical capture solution for your facility.

Types of Capture

  • Pre-combustion
  • Post-combustion
  • Oxyfuel combustion


Nearly fifty percent of Fortune 500 companies have set carbon reduction targets. But meeting these goals will take teamwork and the willingness to break new ground. Joule can help advance and optimize practically any industrial carbon reduction challenge, both through organic project concepts and strategic partnership with global engineering and technology leaders.

Produced Carbon

Driven by factors such as tax incentives and lower capital costs for solar and wind, renewables will be the fastest growing power generation source between now and 2050. We can provide a variety of engineering services and support to renewable energy initiatives that include solar, wind, biofuels, geothermal, hydroelectric and energy storage.