Health, Safety & Environmental

Safety & Health

Joule is committed to safe, responsible and environmentally conscious design and engineering. We strictly adhere to best practices and environmental standards in the fabrication of our gas process equipment.

Our Safety and Health Management system is driven by leadership and commitment from senior management and its readiness to provide resources for HSE matters. We are committed to provide a productive, safe and healthy environment for our employees, contractors, customers and visitors.

  • Strict adherence to ASME codes
  • Consistent compliance with safety regulations and criteria
  • Ongoing safety analysis, certification and training

Environmentally Sound Solutions

We know how to help customers stay in compliance with ever-changing and ever more strict emissions regulations—all while contributing to continued efficiency in environmentally safe practices.

  • Promoting environmental safety
  • Reducing emissions and energy requirements


Joule TRIR 2020: ZERO

Safety Memberships

ISNetworld Member Contractor

Member Number 400-225123

Experience Modifier Rating (EMR) = .96