Mechanical Refrigeration
Units (MRU)

Pre-cooling takes place when cold residue gas exchanges heat with the warm feed NGL stream. Refrigeration plants are designed to chill the incoming natural gas stream by using an external refrigeration system. This system typically uses propane to condense natural gas liquids (NGLs) before they’re separated in a three-phase cold separator where any injected glycol is removed. The NGLs from the cold separator are then stabilized in a De-ethanizer column and sent to pressurized storage or further fractionation.

Higher Recovery
for Increased Revenue

Joule’s Mechanical Refrigeration Units (MRUs) are designed with flexibility in mind, allowing for maximum volume capacity and low turndown so you can meet your HHV, hydrocarbon dew point and moisture specifications. Engineered to fully integrate with our standard stabilization and fractionation technologies, our facilities are fully capable of producing truckable NGLs. Plus, every MRU comes skid-mounted for simple installation and mobility purposes.

  • Includes dehydration and hydrate prevention systems
  • Achieves 5:1 turndown
  • Produces temperatures as low as -50F
  • Handles a wide range of inlet gas compositions
  • Incorporates heat integrated design with low emissions hot oil system


Joule offers the following Mechanical Refrigeration Units (MRUs) for quick delivery:

  • 20 MMSCFD
  • 40 MMSCFD
  • 100 MMSCFD

Custom designed systems available for unique and larger applications.