Enhanced Refrigerated
JT (eRJT) Plants

Enhanced Refrigerated JT (eRJT) Plants give you the control you need to comply with pipeline specifications and extract valuable NGLs as a revenue stream. Our proprietary design has proven successful as a bridge or a permanent solution, and can be engineered according to unique needs to fit a wide range of applications.

The Most Robust
Modular RJT Plant
on the Market

With higher horsepower than competing designs, Joule's eRJT is the most powerful plant on the market. Joule's eRJT plants can maintain high propane recovery in rich gas applications up to 12 GPM (gallons per thousand cubic feet of C2+). Our proprietary design caters to a wide range of applications, and is capable of producing an on-spec Y-Grade NGL product with flexibility to adjust vapor pressures to specific requirements.

Flexible Design. Ultimate Control.

Our design is born out of recent demands for a speed-to-market solution capable of handling various feed compositions and fitting a multitude of site conditions. Joule’s eRJT plants allow for site-to-site mobility, quick installation and ease of operation.

  • Handles a wide range of inlet gas compositions
  • Maximizes volume capacity
  • Achieves 5:1 turndown ratio
  • Lowers emissions with an efficient hot oil system
  • Reaches cryogenic temperatures of -100°F and as low as -145°F
  • Recovers 90–95% propane in ethane rejection and recovery modes


Joule offers the following eRJT Plants for quick delivery:

  • 10 MMSCFD eRJT-10
  • 20 MMSCFD eRJT-20
  • 40 MMSCFD eRJT-40
  • Up to 95% propane recovery
  • 4:1 turndown

Custom designed systems available for unique and larger applications.

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