Stabilizer Systems

Stabilization is critical prior to storage or transportation to avoid safety complications. Our 1 and 2-tower design condensate stabilization units are designed to separate light ends from condensate and convert them into salable hydrocarbon products while stabilizing condensate and NGLs for safe storage and transport by reducing the Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP) and True Vapor Pressure (TVP) respectively.

The Market’s Most
Robust and Flexible
2-Tower System

Whether you’re seeking to meet a color spec in the Y-Grade, optimize the product volume (condensate, crude, NGLs), or looking for blending opportunities based on pricing uplift, our design allows operations to adjust the product mix based on fluctuating market and operating conditions.

Designed to Handle a
Wide Range of
Gas Compositions

Joule engineers stabilizer systems for maximum flexibility, efficiency and profitability. This system is a response to midstream companies’ desire to optimize the product stream based on ever-changing economic variables such as commodity pricing, transportation costs and quality specs.

  • Controls True Vapor Pressure for bullet tank storage
  • Controls Reid Vapor Pressure for atmospheric vessel storage
  • Ensures Y-Grade Saybolt color specifications are met in the NGL product stream through distillation of NGLs
  • Removes light ends to produce a truckable RVP or lower API gravity to allow for condensate blending into crude for pricing uplift
  • Minimizes overhead vapor


Joule offers the following Condensate Stabilizer Systems for quick delivery:

  • 2,000 BBL/D
  • 5,000 BBL/D
  • 10,000 BBL/D
  • 20,000 BBL/D
  • High MAWP rating
  • 5:1 turndown

Custom designed systems available for unique and larger applications.

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