NGL Fractionation

As producers seek fractionation capacity for their Y-grade, on-site modular fractionation has become an attractive options for many midstream companies. Until now, it has been difficult to provide competitive fractionation rates for smaller frac trains handling less than 100,000 BBL/D. Joule has developed a new modular approach, offering flexibility in the product mix in a highly competitive asset through quick, cost effective installations.

Leverage Regional

Our equipment is designed and engineered to address specific needs and promote better performance in natural gas operations. We also offer a variety of plant components, auxiliary equipment, control packages, production facilities and Natural Gas Liquid (NGL) pressurized storage tanks.

  • Maximize product value with on-site Y-Grade processing
  • Accommodates 2,500-50,000 BBL/D
  • Utilizes 16' x 50' modular, stackable skid structures
  • Promotes simple installation and ease of mobility
  • Air cooled, WSAC, cooling tower options
  • Customizable product specs with varying inlet composition

Streamline Operations
And Maintenance

We've optimized our equipment for streamlined installation and ease of operations. Stackable skids with piping aligned at skid edge allow for direct connection to the facility pipe rack, and our SmartSteelTM skid design provides a smaller equipment footprint and optimal room on-skid for max accessibility and maintenance.


Joule offers the following NGL Fractionation Trains for quick delivery:

  • 2,000 BBL/D
  • 5,000 BBL/D
  • 10,000 BBL/D
  • 20,000 BBL/D
  • 50,000 BBL/D

Custom designed systems available for unique and larger applications.

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