Hydrogen Liquefaction Plants

An exciting part of the ongoing energy transition, the global hydrogen market is $120B USD and growing. But there’s a problem. Cooling this promising alternative fuel takes a lot of energy, and the resulting economics have been very limiting. Until now.


Joule delivers hydrogen liquefaction plants that can complete liquefaction with one of the lowest rates of energy consumption available anywhere in the world. Designed and engineered specifically to support the hydrogen economy, these systems have the potential to transform the scalability of hydrogen liquefaction and transport.

  • Liquifies hydrogen for transportation at atmospheric pressure and temps below -400°F with ultra-low energy consumption
  • Twin-expander refrigeration process for both pre-cooling and liquefaction cycles
  • Modular system that simplifies and streamlines operation and maintenance
  • Comprehensive delivery from concept to commission

This groundbreaking advancement in hydrogen liquefaction is changing the economics of liquid hydrogen utilization and logistics worldwide, lowering not just temperatures but operating costs as well. The result? Better project feasibility and more progress toward the propagation of global hydrogen fuel applications at scale.


We’re offering the following hydrogen liquefaction systems in the following standard capacities:

  • 10 metric tons/day
  • 15 metric tons/day
  • 30 metric tons/day